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Terms and Conditions Win The Rand Value Of Your Submitted Till Slip Back (maximum R1000.00) Into Your SavvySaver Digital Wallet

SavvySaver is giving you the chance to win the Rand value of your till slip (maximum R1000.00) back into your SavvySaver digital wallet. One lucky SavvySaver member will win each month. To become a member and gain entry into the competition, sign up at, navigate to the competitions tab, follow the prompts to upload your slip and you are entered. Each till slip submitted will count as an entry.

SavvySaver is on a mission to bring you the latest specials, deals and promotions in various industries, such as financial services, insurance, automotive, loans, cell phones etc. We provide a platform to put you in touch with some of SA’s most respected and top Financial Services, Insurance and Telecommunications Companies.

SavvySaver aims to provide value and as a member you will also gain access to a range of benefits that will help you save money in your everyday life.

We will send you marketing communications via multiple channels, such as, but not limited to; Automated voice messages, SMS, e-mail and outbound calls from us or our partner call centres, in order to keep you updated and informed on these latest specials, deals and promotions we have on offer. You can check out our Privacy Notice here in order to see how we will responsibly use your personal information to achieve this goal.

You can choose to stop hearing from us at any stage, we will always provide you with that opportunity.

You may also register on the National Do Not Contact List which can be found at


In order to be eligible to win, a participant must be (Minimum Requirements) –